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Lemons, Lemons, and more Lemons

Did you know that counter intuitively, citrus fruit helps to regulate a healthy pH in the body by creating a more alkaline environment? WHAT?? Crazy right, but it’s true. One of the first thing I recommend to patients with acid reflux or patients trying to come off of their reflux medication is to start drinking lemon water, especially before meals. Lemons and citrus fruit also have an added advantage of being really awesome antioxidants with their high bioflavonoid content.

A proper pH is important in the body because some diseases and illnesses can take root and thrive in a more acidic environment. We can make a difference here because the biggest culprit of creating a more acidic environment in our bodies is what we eat. Remember the Atkins diet? This was great for weight loss but it creates the perfect storm for acidosis in the body. We don’t have to have our hair on fire because the body has its own self regulating system to control the self inflicted damage that we monkeys do to ourselves. The body can create its own buffers but it does this by robbing parts of the body of calcium, like bone. If you eat more acidic you will run more acidic in general. Better to eat some lemons or include other foods that are more alkaline.

On the pH scale 7 is neutral. A normal body pH should be slightly alkaline, around 7.35. You can test your own pH by getting test strips but this value will fluctuate because our pH naturally does throughout the day. Just eat some lemons and then you don’t have to worry about it too much 😉

Please take a look at a list that I give to my patients with common Alkaline and Acidic foods in our diet to be aware of located in my resources online.

Also this is a full write up of pH balance and information from Dr. Axe:

In Lemons we trust, Mmmmmm….Lemmmmooonnnsss. Just eat a Lemon

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